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Well, this was enjoyable. Man, I am addicted to this style of video.
Not necessarily in order, but...

Most hilarious: 1:54 and 2:10 and 2:23, 0:22, 2:59, 0:23

Most impressive: 2:13, 3:05

0:50 I understood why it would be hard to pull off smoothly, so it gets a pass. But I ALMOST docked half a star for it. >: 3

Thicc. And very smooth. Nice loop thar.

Stupid sexy character models. Nicely animated lmao.

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Pretty solid game. Was fun to play for 5 minutes, anyways.

UltimoGames responds:

thanks, 6 months of hard development, 5 minutes of fun.. Not the smartest type of game design. :p

Animations and the MS paint text screens in transition don't quite elevate this to a 5 for me. But it's quirky and cool. Very accessible to shitty players too, like me.

Pretty sick game. 2nd favorite of this month.

alevgor responds:

Thank you!

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I like it. Reminds me of fantasy games made back in between 1997-2002; in all the good ways, mind. Don't ask why the specific dates. Guess that was random.

I gotta at least watch a full LP of Majora's Mask. Playing the game was too much for me. I'm too entrenched in classic zelda. Real creepy story...reminded me of the Soulblazer Trilogy. Now those are some dope games.

Right...old man rambles aside, I think I like this sparse feel. Nice melody and rhythm.

Almost perfect. The soundscape is quite full. I think I see why everyone tells me to sidechain my kick drums... What a pain, right?

Anyways, this was pretty fun to listen to, I needed some upbeat goodness.

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Reminds me of those Japanese evil spirit myths. Pretty realistic looking and very haunting.

Man redbull is a helluva drug. Nice artwork.

This is real good.

StarksNotDead responds:

Thank you!

Graduated in 2005 to flap my wings and graciously face-plant into the curb. Yeah. Life has always been great to me. Nevertheless, I have an undying passion for music. Listening, creating and remixing. Good times!

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